Cyber threats emerge every day and attacks occur every minute.

You have to see it to believe it.
Witness real-time cyber attacks
here, here, and here.


*Motivation Behind Cyber Attacks in 2016 – Paul Sparrows,

So what’s more important than your business data?

The ability to SECURE it.

A smart cybersecurity business for smart businesses.

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide expertise in cybersecurity defense in order to reduce your company’s exposure to information (in)security.

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    We Assess Networks and Web Applications

    We specialize in Vulnerability Management and Web Application Penetration Testing.

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    We Strengthen Your Defense

    We strengthen your organization’s security and application framework into actionable intelligence and then we double-down on it.

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    We Also Do Website Design

    We draw on our technical and creative expertise to design new websites and redesign old ones.

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    Woman Owned

    WESTSIDE VIRTUAL is a woman owned business and equal opportunity employer.

Our Services.

Security Assessments

We assess your network and perform web application penetration testing in order to root out vulnerabilities that exist on your network.
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Monitoring and Alerting

We monitor your network, websites, servers, email, VoIP, and virtualized environments, in order to help identify security issues in your network.
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Threat and Competitive Intelligence

We monitor Cyberthreat Intelligence feeds related to ransomware, phishing, fraud, and trademark violations.
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Website Design

We design websites with crisp, clean, simple and professional appeal which will give your business or personal blog a powerful web presence.
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About Us
WESTSIDE VIRTUAL is an Internet Services company. We specialize in vulnerability management and secure web design for your business. We ensure your solution exactly fits your business requirement and delivers the best possible experience to your users. We focus on social, development, UI, functionality and performance to provide the best systems and services to our valued customers.With a wide range of expertise within the technology services industry, WESTSIDE VIRTUAL is able to meet very specific customer needs as well as being able to empower our customers with up-to-date technology at affordable prices.

Contact Us
445 W. 50th St.
New York, NY 10019
direct: (646)-734-8406
fax: (646)-798-2002
info [at] westsidevirtual [dot] com
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