Pamela Dean

President & CEO

Pamela Dean has had a diverse career in programming, application development, cybersecurity, and website design. She holds a Security+ certification, a Network+ certification and a QualysGuard Vulnerability Management certification. She is the owner of the popular cybersecurity site, hacktress.com. Her website design experience includes extensive engagements with Swiss Re America, the United Nations, Disaster Truck, WPromote, Stella Air, Reffsin Financial, Brandgrowth LLC, and most recently, Cronus Human Capital.

“For me, WordPress is one of the best inventions ever created for the web. Back in 2003, I started a blog on Blogger and blogged about everything. In the process of learning how to customize Blogspot, I found myself wanting to dive into a full time career as a website designer. I had already been an application developer for years so my attraction to website design felt natural.  Then I found out about WordPress. I incorporated  Westside Virtual in 2014 and now I work with WordPress every day designing websites for small businesses.

My vision for Westside Virtual has always been to head up a design firm that delivers rewarding user experiences by building in an emotional intelligence into the design specifically intended to engage a website’s visitors.

At Westside Virtual, we believe a website is more than just a click here or a link there.  For a website visitor, a click on a link of a well-designed website can be the precise moment at which their life changes.  Our website designs have an emotional intelligence that engages its visitors.

We create inspiring websites with interactive and lingering content destined to create unforgettable user experiences.

The key to our firm’s success continues as we bring to each client engagement the expertise and creativity acquired over a 20+ year long career as a programmer, application developer, digital curator, and creative artist.

Reach out to us and discover how Westside Virtual can help your business deliver the same visual experience for your visitors.  We’re ready to answer your questions. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.”