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About Pamela Dean

“WordPress is an empowering gift.  It allows anyone to tell their story. Back in 2003, I started a blog on Blogspot.  In the process of learning how to customize my site, I wanted to do more, learn more and maybe even dive into a full time career on the web. Then I found out about WordPress in 2008.  I built some community sites and loved the experience.  Loved it so much I created Westside Virtual to immerse myself in the excitement of WordPress wesbsite design and its diversity.  Now I design sites in WordPress every day.

My vision for Westside Virtual has always been to head up a design firm that delivers rewarding user experiences by building an emotional intelligence into the design specifically intended to engage a website’s visitors.

The key to our firm’s success continues as we bring to each client engagement the expertise and creativity acquired over a 20+ year long career as a programmer, application developer, digital curator, fun-loving, and creative artist.

I’d love to work with you. If you’re interested in working together, let’s talk.

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