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Pamela Dean and her artist husband, Mark, incorporated Westside Virtual in 2014. 

Their design history is much older than that.  Pam & Mark have been in the thick of NYC for decades and have lived the art scene, the corporate scene, and the theater scene.

With so many years of shared design experience in programming, coding, online marketing, building business relationships, improving the user experience,  keeping pace with the latest web technology, Illustrating books, inking illustrations, comic book story boards, theatrical set design, advertising and application development, Pam & Mark totally get the design scene. 

Together they are able to build stunning websites using their unique skills to merge state-of-the-art technology with vibrant artistry.

Pam worked as an application developer and website designer for an international financial firm for more than 25 years, and she worked for the United Nations for almost five years. 

After leaving the corporate worker-bee career path, Pam decided to start her own WordPress web design company and in 2014, founded Westside Virtual – and never looked back.

Mark is an artist and cartoonist and his keen eye for color, design, movement, mood, and layout yield stunning results for Westside Virtual’s website design clients.

What started out on a wing and a prayer has grown into a long-lasting and successful New York City web design company that Pam and Mark are both extremely proud of.

Are you ready to get started on your web design project? Let’s talk about what your vision is. 

Call Pam @ (646) 445-9450 to discuss your website design project today and let’s get the ball rolling!

"No matter what kind of business, or the size of your organization, or the limitations of your budget, we custom tailor beautiful websites to meet your business needs while keeping you on target and within your budget.

Westside Virtual provides an amazing product – we provide a shape to your vision – a tangible, interactive, memorable, impressive, and unique online presence – and at a fraction of the cost that large agencies will charge with the attention that only a small agency can provide." -- Pamela Dean, founder & CEO


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