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Westside Virtual is changing the way businesses
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We are Westside Virtual, Inc., a web design company in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, but working with clients all across the country. We design and build professional websites for businesses and individuals as well as help them increase their online presence through SEO, digital marketing, and more.

Westside Virtual was created by Pamela Dean in 2014. Pam had been working as an application developer and website designer for an international financial firm and later for an international non-profit.

After leaving that career path, Pam decided to start her own website design business and never looked back. What started out on a wing and a prayer has grown into a long-lasting and successful web design company that she and her artist husband, Mark, are both extremely proud of.

Located in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen on the west side of Manhattan, our diverse clients include large businesses, nonprofits, preschools, humanitarian relief collectives, architectural firms, financial companies, marketing companies, job search subsidiaries, artists, authors, restaurants, technologists and entrepreneurs.


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