Digital Marketing, Market Research, User Experience


Brandgrowth, a creative brandbuilding company, empowers businesses to see beyond what they are for what they could become.

Client: Fred Reffsin

Launch Date: December 2017

CMS Framework: WordPress

Features: Branding, informational brochure, interactive form, hero slider


Fred Reffsin has over 20 years of experience building high-profile global brands. From launching start-ups and driving turnarounds, to building S100 million+ global businesses, Fred has built a career reigniting under performing businesses and transforming out-of- favor brands into relevant, dynamic players in categories including luxury goods, home furnishings; fashion; health & beauty; and CPG.

Fred Reffsin wanted a website for his company. He had no online presence. He did not have a website for his company, Brandgrowth, and he felt, as a marketing expert, he needed an online presence.

After a series of in-depth consultations, we captured Fred’s urban and disruptive approach to branding and marketing through a series of jaw-dropping photography, imagery, enhanced content, bold colors and typography that bursts with color and attitude.

With Brandgrowth’s website, clients sit up and take notice.