Why You Can’t Scrimp on Your Web Designer

Excellent article on why spending $10,000 on a Website Design is equivalent to a $30,000 investment in your company. A must-read for those who are hesitant to invest in something that others say – erroneously – can be done for free. Source: Why You Can’t Afford That Cheap Web Designer

10 Golden Rules of Good UI Design for Every Web Design Project

Can you name the 10 Rules of Good UI Design? Tom Ewar identifies them in his excellent article on the 10 best practices applicable for UI design in web projects. Have a look:  10 Rules of Good UI Design to Follow On Every Web Design Project | Elegant Themes Blog

Color Information

When working with colors on your website palette, do you know the difference between shade, tint and tone? A shade is obtained by adding black to the original color, which reduces its lightness. A tint is obtained by adding white to the original color, which increases its lightness. A tone is obtained by adding gray to the original color.

Handy UX Tools to Bring Your Ideas to Life – DesignTAXI.com

Even the most experienced UX professionals might admit that it can get really tricky trying to understand or predict what can work best for their users. To guide you along, WebDesignDev has put together a list of 20 powerful UX tools that seasoned specialists and big-name brands swear by. Source: Handy UX Tools To Bring Your Ideas To Life In … Read More