All of our sites are customized.  We did not spin out sites using the same disk image and then changing a font here or a color there.  Every one of our designs are 100% customized and unique.  In general, we design our sites on top of Premium WordPress Theme authors that have been vetted by the WordPress Open Source community and are sold on ThemeForest, the #1 Source Marketplace for Premium Website Templates.  We can customize premium templates but on the front-end only.  We are fluent in html/css which is why our websites look so awesome.


Generally speaking, we will not work with older WordPress Themes that have been abandoned y their authors or have not been updated by their developers to work with the latest versions of WordPress.


While we can certainly understand their appeal, customizing a ready-made theme can often be a much more complicated task than one would think and in some cases the costs can rival that of having a from-scratch custom design