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Google Dropping Pages Out Of The Search Index

Apr 5, 2019 Google Search Engine Optimization
Source: Google Dropping Pages Out Of The Search Index

“Something weird is going on with the Google search index. I am seeing wide spread reports of SEOs and webmasters complaining that their URLs and web pages are being removed from the Google Index. Lots of folks are noticing that a nice percentage of their web sites are no longer coming up for a site command or showing in Search Console as being indexed.

You can use the fetch feature and once you do that, the page should return back in the index almost immediately but if 50% of your pages have been dropped, that might take a while to do.

A WebmasterWorld thread has a ton of complaints and I am seeing tons of threads in the official Google Search Console forums as well. And yes, folks on Twitter are noticing issues and posting as well.”


Stay tuned.  Even thought John Mu mentioned on Twitter that it would be fixed by now, thousands of websites are still not back.  Mine included.