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How long does it take to make a website?

It all boils down to how much work is involved.

On average, our turnaround time is approximately three to 8 weeks.

Some people ask us, “Why does it take that long? Another company said they’ll have my website done in 2 days?”

We hear this question a lot but there’s a simple answer:

Any company that promises a website will be done in two days is a red flag warning - you should run and not look back.  You will get a cloned image of someone else's website with just a color and title change.

As far as Westside Virtual is concerned, exact turnaround time varies based on multiple factors such as the complexity of your project’s requirements and needs; the quality of information you provide to us in your creative brief and our own project calendar. We take clients on a first-come, first-serve basis. As a general rule, we say the preliminary design will be complete and ready for you to review within 8 weeks.  However, some projects have taken six months to complete.  It all depends on the business requirements and functionality that your business needs.

Migration from development to production needs to be scheduled so that will take another one to two weeks, not because it takes that long to migrate, but it does take that long to schedule the migration with our migration experts.

All of our websites are customized, unique, and based on in-depth conversations we have with you from the start of the design phase and throughout the design phase about your vision, your mission, your product, and your goals.

Building something of quality that is unique to your specific taste and requirements takes time. Anyone who promises to finish your site in a couple of days is not building you a custom website – they are simply cloning a website that’s already built and are just changing the colors, phone number and logo.

Please note that any milestone that requires your action, such as your approval for design mock-ups or web design changes or PDF files, and is not acknowledged on time, will directly affect the time frame.

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