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Our Engagement Process

web design new yorkHow We Work

Westside Virtual approaches our relationships with our clients like a courtship, and we take the engagement phase very seriously.

One of the reasons for this is our belief that communication is the foundation for long-term success.

Our client’s success is about getting a clear understanding of where the client is at currently, where they want to be, and developing a strategy for getting there.

We succeed in building intelligent and effective websites because we allow you to talk and we actually listen.

We start at the beginning with our first phone call, so even before signing, our engagement process is in motion.

Here is how we do it:

Step 1: Phone Meeting

You’ll speak with Pamela Dean, Creative Director, who will ask lots of questions, listen carefully to your replies, and take careful notes.  This is a way for you to get a feel for how we work. After we determine we’re a good fit, we will recommend next steps. For most clients, this means digging right into Step 2: Discovery Phase for a detailed research and exploration of your project. After we get a better understanding, we will put together an estimate based upon your requirements.

Step 2: Discovery Phase

The discovery period is a time where we research your industry, research your competition, audit your current website if you have one, and research solutions based on our findings.  We provide you with a creative brief for you to complete. This way we can get a better understanding of your goals, the scope, as well as your message. After we receive your brief, we  will evaluate your answers, then research solutions and strategize them in order to achieve your goal.

Step 3: Design Phase

This is where all the magic happens. In most cases, we create our designs on a staging server, which is locked down from public view and from Google web crawls so that webpages we are designing won’t muck up your SEO. It’s at this stage that we take your ideas, merge them with our creativity and turn your dream website into a reality. There may be times we will prevent you from seeing some or all of the site, but that’s because we may be testing or want to surprise you with it.

Step 4: Testing & Review Phase

After we finish our design, you review the layout and send us your feedback. If you’re not sure about some aspects of the design, we’ll revise the design until you are completely satisfied. Testing is probably the most important phase. Every link is tested, including forms, spelling and grammar. We check for responsiveness across devices as well as cross-browser compatibility.  Once we complete our testing, we ask you to sign-off that the design meets your satisfaction.

Step 5: Launch & Support

This is when we discuss with you the best time to migrate the site from staging to production.  You can announce to your customers by email, that a new site will be launching.  Once launched, all new websites are invited to join an annual maintenance plan that keeps your site secure, up to date, and backed up. This crucial service safeguards the investment you’ve made in your website and you gain on-going access to support, training, and fixes as needed.

Whether you’re interested in a new website, making updates to your existing website, looking for support, or just asking a question, feel free to contact us.