Our Engagement Process


Westside Virtual approaches our relationships with our clients like a courtship, and we take the engagement phase very seriously. We believe this approach best positions our clients for long-term success. One of the reasons for this is our belief that communication is the foundation stone for success. We specialize in building intelligent and effective websites because we allow you to talk and we earnestly listen.

Over the course of more than 20 years of working closely and in multiple capacities with founders, CEOs, business partners, marketing gurus and SEO specialists, we’ve learned that creating value by building better websites requires knowing what path to take to achieve your goals.

Our client’s success is really about getting a clear understanding of where the client is at currently, where they want to be, and developing a strategy for getting there.

We start at the beginning so even before signing, our engagement process is in motion.

Here is how we do it:


The discovery period is a time where we can get a better understanding of your goals and the project vision, the scope of the site, as well as your branding. We will discuss anything with you that will help with the project estimate.


After we get a better understanding of the project, we will put together an estimate based on your project requirements. Once the paperwork is signed, we start the Design Phase.


This is the step where all the magic happens. Westside Virtual will take your ideas, merge them with our creativity and turn your dream website into a reality.


After the Client signs-off on the design with approval, we move the build from the design phase to the launch phase. At this point, the site goes live and our job is complete.

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