Dr. Patrick F. O’Leary, Spine Surgeon

Dr. Patrick F. O’Leary, located in NYC, is an internationally renowned physician whose patients are individuals needing high-level, sophisticated spine care. His patients include professional athletes, actors, politicians and world leaders.

Dr. O’Leary’s Office contacted Westside Virtual to request a website redesign. The older design did not satisfy the technical requirements for a very busy medical office that processes new patients, existing patients, scheduling, form submissions, patient intakes, and appointments.

With COVID presenting its own challenges, the office needed a way to have patients submit forms before their first appointment.

The new website was designed to look more modern, have a gentle appeal, be HIPAA compliant, and easy to manage.

Westside Virtual delivered a state of the art medical website design.

Have a look: Dr. Patrick F. O’Leary, Spine Surgeon