Priority Credit Management Corp.

Priority Credit Management (PCM) is the leading Commercial collection agency in Canada. PCM had a website for some years, but the current site presentation is not achieving many of its objectives for the organization. PCM was seeking to update and improve its front-end website and convert to a more visually appealing WordPress website.

The new website needed to meet modern users’ technological expectations, including mobile friendliness and having an SSL in place. In addition, and more importantly, the site structure and design need to reflect the depth of content and resources offered by PCM, and the key content and resources available on the site to be easily accessible or findable. PCM needs a website that functions as a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract new customers, position itself as a thought leader in the Collection industry and provide even greater credibility to potential partners.

Priority Credit Management approached Westside Virtual to design a new WordPress website.

Specifically, the new website needed to fulfill the following business needs:

  • Develop a fully functional front-end that will seamlessly integrate with affiliated PCM sites developed by an additional resource selected and managed by PCM, to provide a seamless visual experience for your clients
  • Increase the number of new inquiries, optimize SEO efforts, and drive sales coming from the website
  • Create an image for the brand to coincide with the overall repositioning project
  • Showcase new product bundles/services to attract new clients and upsell existing customers
  • To provide a seamless link to Priority Credit’s Client Login Webhost
  • Become the key information resource for all issues related to credit management, liens, etc.
  • Sustain PCM as a leader in the Collection industry
  • Conduct a secure HTTPS connection that encrypts all the information that is sent and received between the client and the server
  • Allow for easy distribution of Blog content
  • Is visually appealing and has an attractive and modern design
  • Deliver a simple, easy to use client experience
  • Ensure the website is responsive on mobile devices
  • Facilitate the management of content on the site and reduce administration costs

The website has gone through  multiple revisions since its initial rollout.

Have a look: