The Rockwell Group

Based in downtown New York with a satellite office in Madrid, Rockwell Group specializes in a wide array of work from luxury hospitality, cultural, and healthcare projects, to educational, product, and set design.

We have had two successful engagements with Rockwell Group. On our first engagement, we were asked to audit their intranet, a Human Resources site for their employees, which was having problems rendering employee data. We performed an exhaustive audit and uncovered several root causes and delivered our results in a series of reports and spreadsheets. Due to our acute attention to detail and troubleshooting skills, we were contacted for our second engagement to completely rebuild the site.

The new site is built on top of a BuddyPress framework and the WordPress backend is entirely customized. There is an Employee Knowledge Base, an Employee Directory with names and phone numbers, a Library of book titles, links to external Architectural magazines, a Public Relations Media slideshow, customized keyword searches using Ajax, a custom Admin interface, custom post types, a mega menu, customized User Roles, and a custom Font Set to match Rockwell Group’s corporate identity.

This is where Westside Virtual’s process shines: between holidays, meetings and fast iteration times, Westside Virtual was able to stay focused and deliver the intranet website Rockwell Group wanted.

And that problem Rockwell Group’s intranet had when they came to Westside Virtual? About not being able to see any HR data?

No longer an issue. Rockwell Group’s intranet is much more agile thanks to their new website.

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