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Website Design

Westside Virtual provides an extensive range of professional services including website design and redesign, website audits and assessments, SEO management and analysis, WordPress expertise, social media marketing strategies, subscription-based WordPress maintenance services, expert technical support, and superb customer service.

Search Engine Optimization

Effective search engine optimization is a precise, complicated science. We understand keyword placement as a discipline to help grow your Search Engine Return Page (SERP) ranking. Choosing the right keywords is crucial to your success.

Audits & Assessments

We perform website audits to provide a detailed analysis of your website’s WordPress environment. We test plugin releases, PHP versions, WordPress version compatibilities, and search visibility and then summarize our findings and recommendations in an easy to understand PDF deliverable report.

WordPress Maintenance & Support

As WordPress experts, we have learned that WordPress websites require constant care. We offer affordable monthly or annual support subscriptions to assist with WordPress core and plugin updates, content management, spam removal, scheduled backups and more. We’ll get your site in top form and keep it there.

WordPress Retainer Services

Building a reliable website on a WordPress platform requires experienced website developers who understand technology.  Sometimes technology breaks.  Our WordPress retainer plans let you hire us in daily, weekly or monthly cycles so that we can fix what’s broken when it breaks.  Call us at (646) 445-9450 for more information.

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