Survivor Mitzvah Project

Digital Audit, Market Research, User Experience


The Survivor Mitzvah Project, a 501c3 non-profit public charity, provides emergency aid to the last remaining Holocaust survivors in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

Client: Survivor Mitzvah Project

Launch Date: March 2021

CMS Framework: WordPress

Features: Non-profit, notforprofit, fundraising framework, payment gateway


Westside Virtual partnered with Zane Buzby, founder of The Survivor Mitzvah Project (SMP) in the fall of 2020 to improve the visual consistency of their at-that-time website, in order to provide measurable improvements for donations, user experience while traversing the website, and to allow the SMP team to have better content management control throughout their website. For the first 3-months, we focused on creating improvements to SMP’s existing website.  We then took everything we learned and applied it to creating a completely updated and fresh new look.

What We Did:

  • Completely rebranded Survivor Mitzvah with a fresh new look and feel, modern fonts, warm colors, stylized fonts, modern page layout, intuitive menu design and website
  • SMP is now better aligned with SMP’s humanitarian message and brand
  • Our redesign for SMP has dramatically improved the User Experience for both visitors and donors
  • Donation activity has vastly improved and 2022 has been SMP’s most successful fundraising  year-to-date
  • We updated the server architecture to ensure hardware resources could handle the extensive visitor traffic
  • Enhanced accessibility and visual elements for older visitors who may also be visually impaired
  • The SMP site is now faster, with improved performance, page loading and securit

Westside Virtual partnered with Zane Buzby to redesign The Survivor Mitzvah Project website. Portfolio.


Survivor Mitzvah Project. It's spring here but it's still a wintry hell in Ukraine. Please help.