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Tag: Search Engine Optimization

Back in 15 Minutes: The Best Way Close Down Your Site for a Day

Whether you need to perform site maintenance, close for the day for religious practices, or you just want to take a vacation, there are times when you might need to temporarily shut down your site. We consider three simple options available to ensure your site’s search presence isn’t affected by

Enhance Your SEO with these Basic Practices

After developing and launching a new website, it’s time to think about improving search engine placement and attracting your ideal users. Much of SEO success begins with knowing your audience and their search behaviors, and properly creating content centered around those variables. If you want more site traffic, you must

10 Top Fundamental SEO Terms Designers Need to Know

Top Essential SEO Terms: Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Reddit Flipboard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key part of any website. As a Website Brand Strategist, specialist or Blogger, it’s essential you see how SEO functions. Here are 10 simple decides that will instantly enhance the SEO on the majority of

How to Create Better Keywords for Your WordPress Content

Creating good content is the most important step to finding an audience, but knowing how to target those users comes very close. Without the right keywords, your WordPress content might never find its intended audience, and all your efforts could go to waste. In this article, we’re going to talk