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We believe in transparent pricing so that you can have the necessary information to plan your upcoming web design projects.

Landing Page websites start at

Quick turnaround

Perfect for businesses that want a simplified online presence, a "Coming Soon" teaser, an “under construction” page, or a sign-up form with responsive design.

Perfect for bouncing to a specific page from your Google Ad, directing your visitors to year-round sales pages and special holiday sales.

Boost your marketing and newsletter signups with industry-optimized landing pages tailored to your business.

Use multiple landing pages to target different customer segments with tailored information.

Maximum six-page website

Affordable web design

Perfect for content creators, small businesses just starting out and those who are on a budget.

6-page website showcasing your portfolio and brand and includes Home, About, Services, Contact & Pricing pages.

Full feature websites start at

to 25,000 or more

Our large business website prices are quoted based on the project's requirements and how long we estimate the time it will take to build your project. 

Payment is split into 2 payments, 50% up front and 50% prior to launch.

Best NYC Website Design Pricing & Rates

Help Topics - Pricing

My business is unique. Will you be able to design a website that is unique for my business or nonprofit?

Creating a website that converts your visitors into customers requires in-depth discovery and research. Over 80 percent of business owners research other businesses that provide services or products. That's where we come in. We research your industry and your competitors. We analyze where they are situated in Search Engine Return Pages. We analyze their websites and their branding. Breaking down your target audience and your competition allows us to ensure your website is captivating. Our research and discovery will provide for a thorough design phase and clears the path for successful conversions.
What is the cost?
We have three website design pricing tiers. We have an hourly rate for short tasks and sprints. We have a Discovery and Planning Plan where we meet for 5 hours in 5 one-hour sessions to discuss everything you need to know about how we work and to see if we are a good fit. Our website design & development services start at $4000.

Prices will vary depending on the number of pages, design specifications and additional functionality (i.e. eCommerce, Membership, etc.) Our team will help you refine your requirements and provide you with a quote tailored to your unique needs. We also have a budget website building express service, starting at $995. Find out more here.
How long does it take to build a website?
The project timeline varies for each project and depends on the project’s complexity. Have a specific timeline in mind? Reach out and we can help expedite.
I’m on a budget. Do you have any low cost website design options?
We understand that a custom website is a big investment and not all businesses have the budget.

We offer a budget package which will help get you online and it will look good too.

Learn more about our budget web design package.
I just bought a ready-made WordPress Theme. Can you customize it for me?
It's possible.

While we can certainly understand their appeal, customizing a ready-made theme can often be a much more complicated task than one would think and in some cases the costs can rival that of having a from-scratch custom design.

In general, we design our low cost affordable wesites on top of Premium WordPress Theme authors that have been vetted by the WordPress Open Source community.  These theme layouts are sold on ThemeForest, the #1 Source Marketplace for Premium Website Templates. We can customize premium templates but on the front-end only. We are fluent in html/css which is why our websites look so awesome. Generally speaking, we will not work with older WordPress Themes that have been abandoned by their authors or have not been updated by their developers to work with the latest versions of WordPress.
Will you maintain my site for me?
We certainly can! We provide on-going support for many of our clients.  Please keep in mind that we are not a web-hosting company so if there are server issues, or the site is down, you will need to check with your web hosting company first.  However, if you need new mailboxes created or plugins updated, we do that - and more.  Check out our WordPress Support Plans here.
What happens if my site gets hacked or goes down?
The purpose of our website support plans is preventative care so we hope to prevent anything like that from happening. However, in the event your website crashes, we will be immediately communicate with your web host provider on your behalf. We cannot promise your website will not be hacked – and no one can guarantee that malware or a hacker won’t find their way in to your site – but we can help by offering scheduled website backups, updates and monitoring as the best way to prevent it from happening. If your site does get hacked, we don’t repair hacked websites but we will guide you to specialists who can assist in the restoration and cleanup of your website.
What is Front End Development?
The front end of a website is responsible for collecting input in various forms from the visitor and processing it to conform to a specification the back end can use. The front end is an interface between the visitor and the back end. The front end is also where all the beautiful design takes place and this is what we do the best.

Best NYC Website Design Pricing & Rates

More Web Design Pricing Options

We offer discounts on hourly work in some of our support packages and retainer services. You will pay web hosting/domain fees directly to the provider.  We base our rates on how long we estimate the time it will take to build your project. 

Start initial planning with only

Four 1-hour discovery sessions

We welcome clients who are looking for a long term relationship with a dedicated website design company.

Start your initial planning at just $1000 for four 1-hour discovery sessions and find out if you like working with us (and we can see if we like working with you).

Payment is split into four payments of $250 each; each payment is due prior to the start of the next working session.

You'll end up with lots of ideas, a plan you can take anywhere, and a proposal.

Our hourly rate is

per hour

On hourly work we bill every 15 minutes. 

This applies to hiring Westside Virtual in simple hourly sprints for short-term tasks or to relieve the headache of managing talent or salaries. 

This applies to additional work or changes after your project is launched, etc. 

We offer discounts on hourly work in some of our support packages and retainer services.


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