NYC Website DesignWordPress Retainer Services

We are your website’s Guardian Angel. For real.

We provide reliable and highly skilled WordPress website design services for ongoing, retainer-based work.

Why A Retainer?

Building a reliable and dependable web platform is not always a one-time event. Technology can break. Your freelance overseas developer has disappeared.

Our WordPress retainer plans let you hire us so that we can fix what’s broken, provide services related to WordPress consultancy, troubleshoot, redesign your site, manage performance optimization, improve security, and more.

What We Provide

In this modern world, companies that do not use technology to amplify their service delivery will be left behind.
Technology drives all parts of business marketing, design and development.
Investing in one of our retainer service plans is a cost-effective way to ensure your growth.

Marketing Services

  • Regular consulting sessions
  • Emergency consulting sessions (for product launches, PR issues, etc.)
  • Interviewing target customers to gather feedback and develop customer profiles
  • Ongoing competitive research to identify new opportunities in your industry’s niche
  • Ongoing management of your business social media platform
  • Inbound marketing packages (blog posts, social media posts, emails, etc.)
  • Tracking, and optimizing your website for conversions

Design Services

  • Design and layout updates
  • Regular design consulting sessions
  • “Design audits” to spot ideas to improve UX and conversions of your business website
  • Conducting surveys on your business website for ideas to improve functionality
  • Integrating the design into marketing materials, social media profiles, etc.
  • Ongoing technical support covering minor issues (such as using the CMS)
  • Regular reporting to cover how design changes impact key performance metrics

Development Services

  • Ongoing maintenance and upgrades
  • Emergency on-call technical support to handle website failures, bugs, crashes, etc.
  • Remote training sessions for your business team on using new custom functionality
  • Regular consulting sessions
  • Performance audits to assess your business website
  • Security audits to assess threats and vulnerabilities

Our Retainer Plans

Our standard retainer rate is $65/hr. Discounts are built in for long-term contracts.

Day Retainer


Per Day
  • 8 business hours
  • Best for quick short term tasks
  • May not be combined with other retainers
  • Budget-smart

2-7 Days a Month


Per Day
  • 16-40 business hours
  • Allows work to be done in Sprints
  • May be combined with other retainers
  • Discount built in
  • Economy Plan

Weekly Retainer


Per Week
  • 40 business hours
  • May be combined with other retainers
  • Allows work to be done in Sprints
  • Discount built in
  • Most Popular

Monthly Retainer


Per Month
  • 160 business hours
  • May be combined with other retainers
  • Allows work to be done in Sprints
  • 24/7 Priority support
  • Weekly Zoom meeting
  • Discount built in