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WordPress Retainer Services

Westside Virtual is your website’s Guardian Angel.

We can be your WordPress outsourcing partner.

When you temporarily need an extra WordPress expert on call, you can hire Westside Virtual in blocks of hours and days. 

Our WordPress retainer services allow you to hire a  member of our team and allocate monthly activities related to WordPress consultancy, front end design and troubleshooting.

You can also hire Westside Virtual if our services are needed at some unexpected, indeterminate point in the future (or within a contracted time period).  It’s what makes us flexible.

Investing in one of our WordPress retainer service plans is a cost-effective way to ensure your brand’s growth.  Discounts are built in to our WordPress Retainer plans for long-term contracts.

It’s most common for Westside Virtual to establish a monthly retainer for the life of a project or engagement and base it on an estimated number of hours per month with a flat monthly fee.  A retainer is best for work that is in sprints and will last longer than one month.  We also can arrange project-based engagements for more contained, defined work that is likely to last less than three months or have tightly defined boundaries.

Regardless of the length of the project, we charge a flat rate so everything stays predictable, month to month.


1 – 2 hours/day

Perfect for small tasks throughout the month but not every day.

$497 per month

Sample Tasks


2 – 4 hours/day

Perfect for small or big tasks throughout the month

$997 per month

Sample Tasks


4 – 8 hours/day

Perfect for help with multiple tasks throughout the month every day

$1997 per month

Sample Tasks