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WordPress Retainer Services & Pricing

We are your website’s Guardian Angel.  We provide reliable WordPress website design services for ongoing, retainer-based work.

Technology drives all segments of digital marketing, website design and web development.  Business owners that do not use technology to amplify their service delivery will be left behind.

Investing in one of our WordPress retainer service plans is a cost-effective way to ensure your growth.

Discounts are built in to our WordPress Retainer plans for long-term contracts.

It’s most common for Westside Virtual to establish a monthly retainer for the life of a project or engagement and base it on an estimated number of hours per month with a flat monthly fee.

A retainer is best for work that is in sprints and will last longer than one month. We also arrange project-based engagements for more contained, defined work that is likely to last less than three months or have tightly defined boundaries.

Regardless of the length of the project. it will be a flat fee so everything stays predictable.

$595per month
  • Days included
  • 1 working day / 7 hours per month
  • Overages billed @ $595 / day
  • Suitable for:
  • Staff augmentation
  • WordPress CMS Updates
  • Theme updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Help and advice
  • Maintenance and support.
$4200per month
  • Days included
  • 8 working days / month
  • Overages billed @ $525 / day
  • Suitable for:
  • WordPress staff augmentation
  • Strengthening website foundation
  • Large features
  • Ongoing website development
  • Ongoing plugin development
  • MVP Development
  • Level 2 support for your product
$95per hour
  • Best for Quick Short Term Tasks
  • Budget Smart
  • Pay As You Go

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