Westside Virtual

Westside Virtual is a professional WordPress web design company located in the heart of New York City.

Pamela Dean, founder, and her artist husband, Mark, have been in the thick of NYC for decades and have lived the art scene, the corporate scene, and the theater scene. With so much combined and accumulated experience in art, set design, advertising and application development, Pam & Mark totally get the design scene. Each with their technical and artistic skills, Pam and Mark are able to build stunning websites using their unique blend of technology and artistry.

Pam worked as an application developer and website designer for an international financial firm for more than 25 years, and later for an international nonprofit. After leaving that career path, Pam decided to start her own WordPress web design company. She founded Westside Virtual in 2014 – and never looked back.

Mark is an artist and cartoonist so his keen eye for color and design yield stunning results for our WordPress web design clients.

What started out on a wing and a prayer has grown into a long-lasting and successful New York City custom WordPress web design company that Pam and Mark are both extremely proud of.

For each of our projects we strive to create The Perfect Design.  We start by asking about your brand, your competitors, your pain points, what you want to accomplish, and where you want to go.

To be successful. you need one thoughtful WordPress web designer to ensure your online presence aligns with your business mission.

Our approach

In order to help our clients to succeed, we…

Ask a lot of questions

Define your current strategy

Provide direction

Discover new opportunities

Deliver documentation and project management


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